The spherical ceramic foundry sand and new type ceramic coating researched and developed by our company has widely applied on core making of cylinder block and cylinder head of car engines, turbocharger and high-end hydraulic parts. We have our clients as First Automotive Group Corporation (FAW), China National Heavy Duty Truck Group Co., Ltd., and Weichai Power Co., Ltd., ASIMCO Technologies Limited etc.

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Resin Coated Sand

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Product introduction

1. Vibration sand cleaning, high strength, low gas evolution and low inflation.

2. Good collapsibility, high surface finish.

3. Good thermal stability, good thermal conductivity, good fluidity and smooth casting surface.

4. High strength, high temperature resistance, low expansion and good mold release, good resistance of sand adhering. 

5. Uniform shell layer, fast curing. 

Resin Coated Sand


1. Sand core of precision hydraulic and oil pressure castings

2. Sand core of engine cylinder block and cylinder head

3. Sand core of casting under high temperature

4. Sand core of oil duct, airway and water jacket under high temperature

5. Resin coated sand of shell mold casting process

6. Sand core and sand mould of special casting resin coated sand

7. Sand core of precision mechanical and electrical casting parts


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